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Production of all Cornford amplifiers and cabinets sadly ceased mid-2013.

Whilst it may hopefully prove possible to restart production at some point in the future, at this time there are no firm plans to do so and no new Cornfords are available to buy or order, either from dealers or direct from the factory.

Please check this website or the Cornford Forum (link on the left) from time to time where any announcements will be made.

Thank you to all the customers, dealers, artists and media who have supported us over the years and hopefully someday the Cornford Tone will return !!!

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Our range of combos and amps covers all musical genres and all pockets for the serious guitarist. Every amp we've built has won plaudits from the guitar press and players alike.

For recording and home practice, how about the Harlequin or Carrera combos? For a dual purpose gig rig and recording setup, take a look at the Hurricane combo. For the ultimate power and tone combinations, match-up our MK50H, MK50H II, Hellcat or RK100 heads with our range of Speaker Cabinets. This is our Signature Range: all valve and point-to-point hand-wired in the UK.

If you need all that Cornford quality and tone at a more accessible price, then look at the all valve Roadhouse Series with the RH30 and RH50 combos and heads to choose from. They're a boot-ique up the backside for the 'big boys'. Again, a range of matching Speaker Cabs is available.

And why not join the thriving Cornford User Forum?

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